Stoimfalia project_Interveners sites












The site-specific artwork, Interveners site, was exhibited in the Museum of Environment in Stymfalia. Two cubes, which were consisted of soil, branches and rocks were placed in two different sites of the museum. The cubes were divided into layers, these multiple levels, represented the nature and the soil of the earth, visually distinguished only by their colour.
The cubes commented on the relationship of nature with man. Humans have for long intervened directly into the environment, cultivating and exploiting goods. The unlimited use of the landscape and the pollution cause environmental disasters, such as tsunami, floods and earthquakes. This is nature’s reaction to the unrespectful man.
The cube contradicts the materials: the former states stability while the latter constitute an impermanence. Τhe two cubes were transient works of art that were originated from nature and dissolved again into it. The rain, the air and natural phenomena interfered with the work and changed the shape. The materials returned to nature.

Editing: Kalamaki Nasia