Heroes are dead. Long live the heroes_Waiting in line




waiting in line from mary thivaiou on Vimeo.

The video Waiting in line present clips of highlights from public entertainment shows (theater, dance, talent shows) during three periods of economical crisis in America. All the highlights show the audience clapping. The first period implied in the video is the Wall Street Crash (1929) and the Great Depression ( 1929-1939 ).The second one is the 1973 oil crisis and the third is the United States housing bubble (2006).

Through the interactive image and the viewer, a new hero is born. Is the hero you or me? Every time a spectator watches the video, he can be the one who is applauded, he is the hero but also the viewer. Perhaps he is the one who applauds his own self. What does it mean to be a hero in time of crisis, during which people are facing difficulties not only economic but also moral ?
Who is ultimately the hero? What his relationship with the social and political conditions? What is the relationship of the hero with the public? What is the function of myth and how it changes with the times?
This video attempts to reply to all these questions, which are more popular than ever.

Editing : Kalamaki Nasia