Example of a room rental agreement




The video installation Example of a room rental agreement was presented in the exhibition Rooms 2017 Contemporary Art Show. It is included narrations of people who were constantly moving to “non-places”, such as stairs, elevators and car parkings, to decipher their identity through this experience. This installation was presented in a hotel room as a temporary destination, since staying in a hotel involve a modern mobility. It is one of these places in which the subject and the place, are constantly in move. Therefore, this element functions in her work in a symbolic way, creating a path for self-exploration.

The multiple videos which are located in the bedroom and bathroom, present a story of a woman with a common thread the hotel room. A scene from a woman running but staying at the same spot, a woman lying in the bed, and a scene in the bathroom. The narration of a story shortly after an event, shortly after the woman leaves or comes.
All these scenes compose a fragmentary self-seeking narrative through the temporary residence in a hotel room. The work never allows to be experienced as a whole, as at the same time one watches a projection in the bedroom, one can loose another view in the bathroom. Thus, the visitor takes part in the installation after touring the site trying to understand through this fragmented narrations the whole of the project.

Editing: Kalamaki Nasia

Actor: Stavroula Sarri