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Litsa Quiz, was presented in the exhibition About Amoralization . It resembles a quiz magazine, identical to what one finds in kiosks. The magazine contains well-known games such as “Find the Differences”, “Find the Words”, “Crossword”, “Labyrinth”. The viewer is invited to take part in this project, completing the games. He can identify differences where they may not exist, write items or names that are too noticeable or inappropriate. The ignorance of the specific changes in the magazine, declares an irony.. The audience is tricked.
It alludes to the system of misinformation and the media that mislead and manipulate the crowd. The magazine also contains quotes – newspaper phrases that carry emotional explosions of publicity, pushing the viewer to specific choices. These games reveal to the spectator the grid of his prejudices and the moral definition of his choices.

Editing: Kalamaki Nasia

In collaboration with the visual artist Alexandra Anagnostopoulou